OFTEC Oil Courses

Oil Courses

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Domestic Oil

Oil Course for New Entrants (OFTEC 50)

Commissioning and Servicing Domestic Pressure-Jet Oil-Fired Appliances (OFTEC 101)

Commissioning and Servicing Vaporising Oil-Fired Appliances (OFTEC 102)

Installation of Domestic Pressure-Jet Oil-Fired Appliances (OFTEC 105E)

Oil Tanks (OFTEC 600A)

Oil Package - 101, 105e and 600A

Commercial Oil

Commissioning and Servicing Commercial Pressure-Jet Oil-Fired Appliances (OFTEC 201)

Associated Courses

Foundation Certificate in Basic Heating and Hot Water System Design and Specification

Energy Efficiency (Part L1 of Building Regulations)

Part P

Unvented Hot Water for New Entrants

Unvented Hot Water Reassessment